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Subway Diet
Published 03/3/2006 | Low Calorie | Rating:

Meet Jared Fogle, dieter turned celebrity. His claim to fame is losing a ton of weight, well 245 pounds to be more specific. As a college student, Jared became fed up with being morbidly obese. The son of a medical professional believed he found the answer to his weight issues with the one-stop sandwich shop Subway, which happened to be conveniently located next to his Indiana apartment.

To drop more than 200 pounds, Fogle ate the same thing every day: no breakfast, 6" turkey sub and a bag of baked chips for lunch and a 12" veggie sub for dinner, topped with nothing but extra vegetables. Plus unlimited diet soda throughout the day. Jared's calorie intake was under 1,000 calories daily. The diet might have quickly become boring and unbearable to many people, however, Jared stuck with it.

Throughout his weight loss passage, Jared consulted his father, a physician, for medical advice to ensure that he was getting the proper amount of vitamins and minerals. Since the crusade that made Jared a household name, many others have followed in his footsteps. Subway has even become a leader in providing healthy, convenient fast food options with its menu of 6" inch sandwiches under 6 grams of fat.

Experts recommend that you consult your doctor before taking a trip on the Subway.

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User Reviews
  • Comment #1 (Posted by Donna)
    This article told me everything I needed to know about the Subway diet that I did not know before and why it worked for Jared. Unlimited vegies on low calorie sandwiches; regular use of vitamin/mineral supplements; diet drinks (plus plenty of water?) and supposedly walking to and from the Subway shop for exercise; follow-up by physician father. My only comment? I wish I lived nearer to a Subway but will try and make use of the simple info to keep my calories under 1000 for a quick loss since I only need to lose about 40 pounds. Thanks for info.
  • Comment #2 (Posted by Rebecca Cox)
    That was a wonderful story;congradulations Jared.Way to go;I'm going to try this myself,thanks alot!
  • Comment #3 (Posted by Nicole)
    Very good review. I think I'm gonna try the Subway diet. I suppose you could put mustard, black pepper & salt on your sandwich as a condiment. He drank diet soda and took vitamins, will do. Thanks for the history and review!
  • Comment #4 (Posted by Paula)
    Sounds great to me.I also have only 40 pounds to loose. I also have a Subway close to where I live. It isn't within walking distance but not far to drive, probably 3-4 miles.
  • Comment #5 (Posted by Nafeesah)
    Jared has to be eating other things besides Subway sandwiches because repetitive eating of the same thing over and over again can lead to unhealthy food choices and snacking. Jared probably eats a balanced diet of protein, veggies,and a limited amount of carbohydrates. Diet soda is not exactly the healthiest thing to drink because of the chemicals they add to it in order to make it sensible diet wise to those watching their weight or who are diabetic. The subway diet has to be healthy for people with health issues that are limited by certain things they can eat. It's a great alternative to eating at McDonald's or other fast food places. If more people ate Subway or places that prepare the food fresh and not always nuked and fried the obesity problem in America would cease and people would see less hypertension, high blood pressure, and diabetes and people would lose weight instead of gaining it.
  • Comment #6 (Posted by april)
    this is ridiculous. this is not a real on the books diet. please. it's a fad...and to the lady that said her subway wasnt within walking distance but probably a drive of 3-4 miles...what the heck do you even consider walking distance then?? that IS walking does anyone ever expect to lose weight if they dont walk that much and when someone is paying you to eat their food and be on their commercials id lose weight too.
  • Comment #7 (Posted by Samantha)
    I want to congratulate Jared on losing so much weight. I know how hard it is to lose even that last ten pounds, much less OVER TWO HUNDRED! Good for him. Although I do think that is way too little calories a day, well, it worked for him, and he didn't starve himself. He had a lot of "fuel" (adipose) saved up; apparently, he used it. GOOD FOR YOU, JARED! You are truly an inspiration. Whenever I think of how hard it is for me, I think of you and how much harder it was for you.
  • Comment #8 (Posted by kathylaramore)
    Ialso did the subway diet myself a few years ago. I lost a little over 100 pounds. The bad thing about it is. as soon as I started eating regular food again, I gained it all back and then some. How do you stop that from happening? I'm thinking about trying it again because of health issues.but I've also heard that fluctuating your weight can also be bad for you. Please help!
  • Comment #9 (Posted by Robin)
    In response to #6 on the reviews, I think expecting someone to walk 6-8 miles each time they want a sanwich is somewhat extreme don't you??? She said it was 3-4 miles, I took that as ONE WAY. Exactly how many miles do YOU walk each day? I suppose she could get all of her food in one trip, but it still adds up to 6-8 miles round trip. I think you are being a little critical. Kudos to all who have tried and succeeded on this diet. I agree that the diet soda should be exchanged for something a little more healthy, and I don't think skipping breakfast is a good idea. But as long as you have a doctor (credible one) following your health, then go for it!
  • Comment #10 (Posted by Harold Garey)
    I'm surprised that the father, a physician, allowed the son to become so morbidly obese in the first place!!! Not a very good ad for the father as a doctor!!
  • Comment #11 (Posted by Me)
    Any one that is negative on his success is jealous that they did not accomplish that
  • Comment #12 (Posted by Louise Fountain)
    This artic has helped me to get the tools needed to live a healthy life, and enjoy the food while loosing weight. I love to eat at subway so the subway diet is easy for me.
  • Comment #13 (Posted by landofosborn)
    It doesn't matter that his father is a doctor. You still have your free agency to choose what you are going to do. Doctor's smoke. So do some of their kids I'll bet. This has NO reflection on his father WHATSOEVER!!!

    I think that it is AWESOME that Jared found something that worked and continues to work for him. We are ALL individual and different and have to try and do that which is best for us!!! :0)
  • Comment #14 (Posted by Dean)
    It's great he lost all of the weight, but also a good thing his Dad is a doctor. Who could eat at Subway twice a day and eat what he did without going broke. It's also not a good idea to drink a lot of carbonated diet drinks. Recent studies show they are a major reason so many people are experiencing osteoporosis.
  • Comment #15 (Posted by Dean)
    It's great he lost all of the weight, but also a good thing his Dad is a doctor. Who could eat at Subway twice a day and eat what he did without going broke. It's also not a good idea to drink a lot of carbonated diet drinks. Recent studies show they are a major reason so many people are experiencing osteoporosis.
  • Comment #16 (Posted by Tammy)
    This is for comment #10. Jared's a grown man! Just cause his father is a doctor doesn't mean he can control what he eats! His father can't ALLOW him to eat something...Jared's an adult so he'll eat what he wants! Common sense...jeez!
  • Comment #17 (Posted by Judy Horn)
    Bad idea to skip breakfast. Need to keep up metabolism. Subway does have breakfast sandwiches that you can get.

  • Comment #18 (Posted by Irene Francisco)
    The Subway diet can be replicated at home. I have lost weight by just eliminating processed white food, white bread, noodles, even white rice and potatoes. Eat any protein with vegetables and fruit and you will lose. I'm down 20 lbs to 105 at 5' 2". I wasn't trying to lose, it just happened. Irene
  • Comment #19 (Posted by Carole Stevens)
    It would probably be best to consult a nutritionist since medical doctors are not trained (more than one class)in nutrition in med school. Combining the foods as is done on a subway sandwich makes it more difficult for the body to metabolize. Aspertame is a toxic chemical and has been known to cause weight gain and not loss. The subway diet is not a good way to loose weight in a healthy manner.
  • Comment #20 (Posted by VHicks)
    I remember this "advertisement" for Subway a few years back. As I recall Jared had to walk quit a ways to the Subway Shop and this helped with the weight lose. Seems that wasn't the case at all.
    If this is a true story all I can say is "bless you Jared!" For years I thought of it as only an advertisement! I really don't see how anyone can lose weight on diet soda though. Maybe 1 a day but anymore than that? But....that is sure a lot of weight to lose :) no matter how it was lost. Congrats...Jared!!!!
  • Comment #21 (Posted by stephanie)
    This review doesn't say anything the subway commercials don't already tell you. How about some insight as to what is or is not good about the diet?
  • Comment #22 (Posted by Paula)
    What works for one does not necessarily work for another. The best way to lose weight is eat a balanced diet and exercise. You ate it on, now eat it off. Stop whining about it and do something. Why are we so afraid that if we eat like we care about ourselves, we feel that we must apologize? Your body is the most wonderful machine that has ever been created. Treat it with the respect it deserves and we won't need "diet gurus". EAT TO LIVE - DO NOT LIVE TO EAT1
  • Comment #23 (Posted by Alex)
    Any diet that recommends "unlimited diet soda" is crazy. Diet sodas are fully of chemicals and is one of the most unhealthy things you could have. Use your brain...
  • Comment #24 (Posted by Fairilyn)
    Dearest April, said gentleman wasn't paid to diet in the first place. He may be paid today, but back then was something he did on his own. I was around at the time this happened. He DID eat the same thing every day...and true I don't think it advisable to do that exact thing, but he did NOT do it for Subway publicity. He did it for himself. I believe he has made a fine figure for himself, and I always wish the man well.
  • Comment #25 (Posted by Lorraine Stanton)
    It was good to learn some of the additional details behind Jared's weight loss program. Wouldn't it be great if Subway included his daily regimen and the fact that his father was a medical professional to monitor his program!
  • Comment #26 (Posted by Desiree)
    I think this information is really helpful, i wouldn't follow it 100%, but it does give you ideas. Before children I was 5'3 90lbs and gained almost 100lbs after 2 children, I have almost lost it all, but the last pounds are always the hardest so it's always good to hear good alternatives. I disagree on the diet soda, but other than that it works. And for April, stop being so negative, what works for one might not work for others, but that doesn't mean to hate on them for it!!
  • Comment #27 (Posted by Alison Welder)
    I thought that this article made me even more aware of how healthy Subway's food is. I used to work as a "sandwich artist" before at a Subway restaurant, and I still love to eat there alot. I have weight issues and have a carb chart for my portion control and meals. Subway's menu has a lot of choices that are in my nutritional restaurant book, and it also says that they are one of the best for a healthy and nutritious meal.
  • Comment #28 (Posted by Phyllis Lettino)
    I went into a new Subway that just opened in my area and I ordered a roast beef cold sub. I watched him make it and hhe took one slice of roast beef and folded it in half and then put the condiments I asked for. If I am going to purchase a sub I think that there should be more than one slice of meat. I will never go back there again
  • Comment #29 (Posted by julie)
    The latest Life Extension magazine talks about the experiment a research group has been doing for a couple of years now, on living a calorie-restricted lifestyle. They prove how much better for all of us if we ate no more than 25% -30% less than the traditionally recommended calories for each person's body weight. This seems to be why Jared was in such good health on his subway plan. In the reduced calorie experiment, 35% of total calories comes from lean protein, and 65% from a combo of vegies, fruits, legumes, and nuts. In a remarkably short time, all normal markers for aging and signs of degenerative diseases almost completely disappeared for everyone in the experiment. Check it out! Or google "calorie restricted diet" for more info.
  • Comment #30 (Posted by Anthony Davis)
    i lost 500 pouds using this diet it was really gud
  • Comment #31 (Posted by anthony davis)
    this diet is really really good i lost over 350 pounds using the subway diet i found it had a lot to offer
  • Comment #32 (Posted by jonothan piotrowski)
    you so did not lose 500 pounds
  • Comment #33 (Posted by Francisca)
    I think this review was informative and has helped me to choose the Subway diet instead of another one I was contemplating. But what it didn't say was how long it took him to lose the weight. I need to lose 48lbs according to my BMI to reach my ideal weight. As one of you guys said it can be monotonous. How long will I have to do this diet to lose this much weight? Can anyone give me that information?
  • Comment #34 (Posted by Catherine)
    This review doesn't tell you anything! Was Jared getting enough vitamins and minerals? Is the "diet" really healthy??
  • Comment #35 (Posted by Pantherfan)
    I'm actually suprised that he was successful. Skipping breakfast isn't a way to lose weight, and the diet sodas are now making the news that they may cause weight gain. I too think there's more to the story than what Jared is letting on. Still, congrats to Jared, 10 years (the commercial just came on) and still keepin' off!
  • Comment #36 (Posted by Andrea)
    I actually worked with Jared during the time that he was losing the majority of his weight, and I can tell you that this IS the way he lost the weight. Even after he got to his goal weight, he often eat at the Subway down the road from where he was working. IT IS A LEGIT DIET.. I did it myself and lost 85 pounds in 7 months. 78
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